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A book is a book lovers universe from where they withdraw inspiration, motivation, empathise or become one with the characters of the story and experience the rare sort of an euphoria that even materialistic things cannot bring. Like good, old and loyal friends, books come to rescue each time you are put into trouble to offer the gems of wisdom locked in words. They are also like time-machine that takes us to meet the legends of the past and their captivating history. Maybe that's why, there's no other better mentor than books; no bigger inspiration than books.


With so many books in our shelf, we at VG EduMart want to help you find the very best among the various titles and authors.

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Be it a drawing, a painting, water color, sculpture, it’s the creativity and vision that comes into play. Art relies upon intuitive sensing, vision and expression and crafts upon sophisticated technique. Whether you are a kid or an adult young at heart, let your creativity flow with big bank of art & craft supplies at VG Edumart: acrylic, water-color and oil paints, canvases, painting accessories and paint brushes, drawing tools, pencils, pens & markers,drawing Papers, water color papers, craft tools and supplies, kids art & craft etc.

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VG EduMart is a one-stop- shop to fulfill your all sports and fitness buying needs with a diverse range of sports and fitness products like – Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Beach Toys, Football, Volleyball, Gymnastic, Carrom Board, Board Games, Boxing, Training Equipment, Home Exercise, Fitness Accessories, Treadmills, Steppers, Home Gym Machines, Gym and Crash Mats, Exercise Bikes and much more. At VG Edumart, you will get a great value for money all year round and a hassle free shopping experience with various options.

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